Life is a journey.

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin. Anthony Robbins



Thankful Thursday!

What are you thankful for?

Despite our obstacles, challenges and disappointment.

Let us focus on the positive.

I am thankful for LIFE.

I am thankful that I have a JOB.

I am thankful that I am ALIVE.

I am thankful for FAMILY & FRIENDS.

I am thankful to all the BLOGGERS and PEOPLE that stop by and read my blog.

The list could go on & on.

Focusing on the positive will allow us to move forward.

Yes, the challenges are still there.

However they will seem small compared to what  we have and what we are thankful for.

Let us look ahead to great things that are going to happen.


As you go through your day ask someone, ‘What are you thankful for?’

Asking this thought provoking question will allow people to stop & pause.

It will make them think on the positive.

There is always something to be thankful for.

Thank you for stopping by.

Tarnya Coley- Author of OPEN DOORS.



I will R.I.S.E

I will R.I.S.E above the challenges and obstacles of life.

I will not allow these circumstances to become my destruction or my downfall.

This week tragedy struck my family.

My mum called, ‘he’s gone.’

I shouted out, ‘NO!’

Shock, disbelief. My cousin was only 16. He has gone forever.

I don’t understand, so young, with his whole life in front of him.

He had his life mapped out. But who was to know that he would be taken from us so soon.

Then we found out he was murdered at a bus stop in board daylight.

No one was there to help him.

No one there to hold his hand.

My daughter is 15, I was imagining if that was my daughter.

I couldn’t bear to think. The pain, it is so raw.

I had to stop and pause.

For days, I was in a daze.

I felt helpless.

I was distraught, devastated and in a state of despair.

I shut myself off from the world.

But I soon came to the realisation that was NOT the answer.

I will R.I.S.E from this tragedy.

I will not allow this to shape me or to break me.

Positive thoughts.

Positive thinking.

Clear mind.

Each day is a new day, with new opportunities

To do good.

To give to others.

To R.I.S.E.

I will no allow this to shape me or break me.

I will R.I.S.E

Reach out to others despite how I feel.

Inspire the next generation to chase after those dreams.

Seek new opportunities in each day that I see.

Embrace life, and look at what lessons can be learnt. In the good and the bad.


Yes we have challenges, heartache and obstacles.

What are we going to do?

Allow it to shape you and break you?



Thank you for stopping by.

Tarnya Coley- Author of Open Doors

Shine bright for the world to see.

I use to hide away so no one can me.

I did not want people to judge me.

I was always in the background.

Just doing my thing.

We can sometimes be like that.

Not wanting people to notice you.

You have to ask the question why.

Stop hiding away so no one can see.

Be noticed and be proud of who you are.

Shine like the star you are.

You are AMAZING.


As you go through your day, do not let anyone dim your light.

SHINE bright like the star you are.

Thank you for stopping by.

Tarnya Coley- Author of Open Doors




I have recently made a BOLD decision.

Have you ever made a BOLD decision? Then wondered if you are doing the right thing. You discuss your idea with friends, and you are so excited and passionate about it. Some of your friends do not understand passion. You may leave the conversation thinking, should I make this bold step.

Then doubt creeps in, before you know it, you start talking yourself out of the idea.

Many people in society would love to STEP OUT and follow their passion.

Some people do not like taking risks.

Some people like to play it safe and live within their parameters.

Some dip in and out of their ideas. They get cold feet then step back into their comfort zone.

Some people step out of their comfort zone, jump out of the box and follow their dreams.

Which type of person are you?

After fifteen years of a career, I have made a BOLD decision. Well, in my eyes it is bold. I am leaving my job this summer to set up my own business.

This year I have written book called Open Doors. It is about my life, my journey. From challenges, adversity and rejection, to overcoming and making an impact. I will be setting up projects to help individuals to overcome their challenges and live a life of purpose.

I was discussing this with a friend at work, and she disclosed that she is leaving in the summer too. She is following her passion and going to teach abroad, how amazing.

My question is, why not?

Why not follow your dreams?

What is stopping you?

Think about it. Are you happy in what you are doing?

Are you making an impact?

Are you doing what you love?

Thank you for stopping by.

Tarnya Coley- Author of Open Doors.

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fleur open doors


What does confidence mean to you?

Can we be always confident?

Can you learn to be confident?

Or are you born confident?

I have been thinking about confidence over this weekend.

Growing up I was shy and only spoke when necessary.

That was because my confidence was knocked as a child.

I was told I was not good enough, I would amount to nothing. Negative, damaging words.

This had a major effect on me.

I allowed those words to affect me.

I was once told, ‘fake it til you make it’.

So each day I would pretend that I was this confident person.

Until one day it became natural to me.

It wasn’t easy, but I took one day at a time.

Be proud of who you are.

Speak up, speak out.

As you go through your day remember BE CONFIDENT, BE BOLD, BE YOU!

Thank you for stopping by.

Tarnya Coley- Author of Open Doors.

fleur open doors



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Thank you for stopping by.

Tarnya Coley- Author of Open Doors