The TRUTH about how to break barriers.

Do not let your circumstances be a barrier to prevent you from overcoming the challenges you may find yourself in.

I was teaching the students about potential barriers that you may face in life. They came up with some fantastic examples, I will just list a few:

  • Past
  • Life
  • Circumstances
  • Environment

Do any of these sound familiar? Barriers can prevent you from unleashing your potential. It can become a stumbling block and distort your vision. It can then become a distraction. You can either do one of two things.

You can allow the barriers to block your future and then you become stagnant. You will then become ineffective and feel that your life has no purpose.

OR you can overcome the barriers by saying, ‘I will NOT be defined by my past’, ‘I will NOT allow these barriers to stop me doing what I want to do’. I WILL overcome and become everything I want to be’.

Remember, the power of your words.

Do not allow past hurts, disappointments or tragedy stop you from shining like the star you are.

The truth about how to break those barriers? I will share with you a few tips that helped me break those barriers.

-It all starts with YOU. You have to believe in yourself. Have a clear mind, focus on your goals.

-What is it that you want to achieve? Focus on that particular thing.

-Keep moving forward and stay focused. Only YOU have the power to break through those barriers.


-Make one small change each day.

-Have a positive mental attitude.

-Always complete your goals- this will give you a sense of achievement.

Say to yourself, I CAN!!

Be willing to break barriers and break those mindsets and go where you have always dreamed of going. The past can not be changed. But the future is yet in your power.

Boldly going where you have never gone before.


Thank you for stopping by.

Tarnya Coley- Author of the up-and-coming book- Closed Doors?




4 thoughts on “The TRUTH about how to break barriers.

  1. Mike Tyson once said that, “Always consider yourself that you’re the best. When you get a downfall or a failure, just say this one thing to yourself, I’m the Best and I’m a Champion ‘
    Your post was way too inspiring. I loved it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome! Thank you very much Tarnya for this inspiring words. Since, I started reading your blog, I am making small change everyday to break barriers and achieve my goals. I SAY TO MYSELF I CAN!! God bless you Tarnya.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is fantastic Blessed. I write my blogs in order to inspire and encourage others.
      I am glad you are making those small changes. In a year from now you will be glad that you started when you did.😊


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