Have a PLAN, have a PURPOSE.

Sometimes I have carried something out without it having a PURPOSE.

I think to myself, why did I do that?

Who did it benefit?

Was there a purpose to it?

Was that a waste of time. Time that I will NEVER get back.


Over this next week I have a number of tasks that I need to complete by the end of next week.

I have written my plans down, then given myself a timescale. Each day, I am working towards my plans. Having a plan is important as it gives you direction in what you need to do in order to accomplish the tasks.

A question I often ask myself, who do I need to support me in the various tasks?

It is so important to have people to support you.

Connect with someone, no texting, no FB, no whatsapp. Call that friend, visit that family member. They can be a great source of encouragement.

Having the right connection and support helps you to achieve and fulfil your plans. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one.


I have written down my plans, and I have put them in priority order:

  1. URGENT!
  3. NOT SO IMPORTANT, but needs to be completed.

Great, I can now work on the very important things first. Then tick them off when they have been completed. I love ticking things off my list as it gives me a sense of achievement.

Most importantly, do my plans have a purpose. YES! Also, who do my plans benefit? Is just to benefit me? If so I have misunderstood my purpose. Life is about impacting and making a difference in other peoples lives.

If I do not carry out these plans, I will not be able to move forward in fulfilling my dreams. Then I will be at a stand still and become frustrated.

According to Ashton Applewhite, having a purpose impacts your brain in a BIG way.

Do you have a PLAN? Does your plans have a PURPOSE?

I will add, who does your plan BENEFIT?

What action are you going to take today to ensure that you have a PLAN? Do not forget that carrying out the plan is important. Also think, does my plan have a PURPOSE? Who my plan BENEFIT?

Thank you for stopping by.

Tarnya Coley- Author of an up-and-coming book 2018

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