Get out of your COMFORT ZONE.

Sometimes do you find yourself just gliding through life? There is no challenge, nothing seems to drive you?

Have you thought that you have been in that comfort zone far too long? You want to make changes, but you keep on putting it off. You say to yourself, I will do it tomorrow. Then when tomorrow comes and you decide to delay what you wanted to do. Before you know it, NOTHING gets completed. Does this sound familiar?

I call it, avoidance tactics. Days becomes weeks, becomes months. Then you realise that the years have slipped away and nothing has barely changed. While you are being distracted you are delaying your progress. Stopping yourself from achieving your goals.

You have to get out of the comfortable and move into the uncomfortable. This means you need to set yourself challenges, and take risks. The biggest risk is not taking one. I am NOT telling you to put yourself in danger, but take challenges and be open to new opportunities.

My question is- WHY NOT?


  1. Every morning when you wake up, what is that thing that you really want to do?

2. Make a plan. Take that step. Write it down. Stick to it.

3. Explore new opportunities.

4. Create challenges to push yourself.

Get out your comfort zone and go into the unknown.

Thank you for stopping by.

Tarnya Coley Up-and-coming author- OPEN DOORS

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