OPEN DOORS-Tarnya Coley

My inspirational autobiography is coming soon-  JUNE 2018. OPEN DOORS

I have written this book so people will feel inspired, then they can go and inspire others.

Have you ever felt that you are stuck on pause and life is still going on around you?

Do you feel that your situation will never change, and there is no way out?

You want to change your circumstances and chase those dreams you have always had.

Life has its challenges and heartaches. It also has its WOW moments too.

I have had valley encounters and mountain top experiences.

Throughout the book I share wisdom on how to live a motivated life.

It is YOUR life, YOUR journey.

Remember YOU are in control.

Come on a journey with me.

A journey of OPEN DOORS.

Thank you for stopping by.

Tarnya Coley- Author of the up-and-coming book- OPEN DOORS.

2 thoughts on “OPEN DOORS-Tarnya Coley

  1. Wow! A big congratulation Tarnya, and thank you for taking out time to write this inspiring book that will break barriers away from the lives of many people most especially youths, also this book will set them on the right track in life. Well done Tarnya, you have done a great work. God bless you and your family


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