When you step outside your comfort zone, yes it will feel scary. However, once you keep taking those steps it will start to feel easier. Face your fears and venture out and experience personal growth. When you are in your comfort zone, your brain doesn’t want anything to change.  However, living outside your comfort zone creates just enough good stress to ramp up your focus, creativity, pace, and drive, and it helps you respond to life stress when unexpected things happen.


To develop your personal development there are several ways to push yourself outside of your comfort zone every day.

1. Don’t take the safe choice
2. Consider other points of views
3. Do what you are afraid of
4. Remember that tomorrow is another day


When I decided to take a leap and give up my job and become a personal development coach, speaker, and author, it was scary. Each day I would do something that scared me. I still take those steps and push myself. I have realised the benefits of living outside my comfort zone. Here are four reasons as to why living outside your comfort zone is beneficial.

1. Personal growth
2. New challenges and experiences rewire your brain and make it more adaptable, stronger, and healthier
3. You will boost your self-confidence
4. Each milestone makes it easier to tackle another milestone
Take that step today

Just do it.

You’ll be glad you did.

Are you living outside your comfort zone?

What will you do today that scares you?

Leave a comment. I look forward to hearing your responses.

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Tarnya Coley- Author of Open Doors

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Have you ever set yourself some goals, but have never achieved them?

Do you get frustrated that you start well, then things seem to fall apart?

You find yourself procrastinating, being otherwise minded. Before you know it, days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, I think you get the picture. You get frustrated with yourself because you haven’t made much progress.

2019 is the year where you will set goals & achieve them.

Are your goals S.M.A.R.T.?


WOW, February already.

Are you taking action towards your goals?

Sometimes we need to look at our goals, evaluate and rework (re-adjust) the plan.

If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, but never the goal.

Repeat these positive affirmations.

This is the mindset you need to have each time you approach a task.


No more putting things off and thinking that the goals you have set yourself are too difficult to achieve.

Remember, small step, big results- keep moving forward. As the saying goes, a year from now you wish you had started today.

Research suggests that only eight percent of people achieve their goals.

Here is how to join them.

Watch my new video- Six highly effective steps to achieving your goals. Subscribe to my channel so you will never miss another video.

If you want to learn more, I have an online personal development course.

Leave a comment in the box about what your goals are for 2019.

I look forward to reading them.

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Tarnya Coley- Author of Open Doors



Stand firm and believe that 2019 is the year where the impossible is possible
Stand with conviction and know that everything will work out?
Take action to make those dreams become a reality.
No one said it will be smooth sailing.
With the right support and guidance, you CAN do it.
Your mindset needs shifting.
No more of that negative thinking.
Life starts changing in the direction that you was not expecting.
Unexpected life events.
Things are not going as planned.
I thought this was the year where I changed the game and I was going to achieve my goals.


The negative voices are screaming loudly.
Self-doubt kicks in.
Maybe it wasn’t meant to be.
Why did I think I could do this.
Your thoughts are spiraling out of control.
No more self-sabotage.
No more thinking like a worrier.
I HAVE changed the game.
I CAN do this.
I must stay focused and alert.
I have to remain sharp and keep my eyes on the prize.
Tips on staying focused:
  • Have a to-do list
  • Break down your activities into smaller tasks
  • Be around like-minded people
  • Serve others
  • Remove distractions
When you feel that you are going off track.
Remember YOU have made a CHOICE to change the game.

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Tarnya Coley- Author of Open Doors.

Propel into your future

I am eagerly anticipating what 2019 will bring.
2018 had many high moments, however, it has had it’s fair share of low times too.
Let us REFLECT on 2018.
Image result for reflect
Celebrate your wins, it doesn’t matter how small. Think about what you achieved and how you and the progress you have made.
Image result for celebrate your wins
There may have been challenges that you faced. What will you learn from it? Remember you have to grow through the process. Once we have that mindset it changes our perceptive.
Image result for perspective mindset
Going into 2019 what changes are you going to make?
What will you differently?
Are there any adjustments that need to be made?
What are your plans/ goals/ targets for the coming year?
Follow these steps for 2019




When you have a focus it will bring discipline.

With discipline it brings change.

And with change, it brings positive results.

Have a plan & have a purpose.

So what is your plan for 2019?

Get ahead of the journey and start today.

Image result for start today
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Tarnya Coley- author of Open Doors


It is approaching the end of 2018 already.

At this time of year, I like to reflect.

Self-reflecting helps you to look at what you have carried out so far.

Thought provoking questioning goes round and round in my head.

These are some of the questions I have asked myself over the last few weeks.

Image result for question mark

What have I accomplished?

What have I not accomplished?

How can I do things differently to produce different results?

What else do I want to work on?

How will I go about doing that?

How will I navigate the challenges?

Personal development helps you to make improvements in your life.

Creating an action plan is all part of the personal development process.

Remember personal development is a lifelong process.

Four benefits to personal development.

  1. You will be able to make crystal clear goals
  2. You will be motivated
  3. You will have a better work-life balance
  4. It will improve your prospects

What areas do you want to work on?

Do you have a personal development plan?

Why not work on it TODAY!

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Tarnya Coley- Author of Open Doors




Setting GOALS and crushing them.

Eight weeks left before the end of 2018.

WOW, where has the time gone?

I have started to reflect on what I have achieved/ accomplished this year.

Also, what I have not YET achieved this year.

Have you found yourself saying, ‘Oh I wish I could do that’ or ‘I would love to do that’.

Well… I have.

Do not live in regret.

Have a CAN DO attitude.

Why not start setting your goals TODAY.

There is plenty of time to set your goal and start actioning what you want to achieve.

If you start today, you’ll be glad you did.

Do you want to set and achieve your goals?

Here are my FIVE quick tips…

  1. Write down your goals.
  2. Write down when you want to achieve your goal by.
  3. Write down HOW you going to achieve it.
  4. Find an accountability partner.

What have you achieved in 2018?

What do you want to achieve 2018/2019?

Leave a comment in the comments box.


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Tarnya Coley- Best Selling author of Open Doors

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Small steps, BIG results.

Have you ever felt that you are not making progress?

You put all your efforts into something and you say to yourself, ‘why did I even bother?’

No one even notices.

No one cares.

I have ONE tip for you…


Keep moving FORWARD.

Small steps every day.

Even when you do not feel like doing anything.

Find the inner strength to PUSH through.

Be that person who will NOT quit.

But be the type of person that will PERSEVERE.

I have been writing an online course which seems like forever.

I thought, why am I evening bothering.

There were so many things that were going against me.

I just couldn’t seem to get a breakthrough.

I had to keep telling myself ‘COME ON, YOU CAN DO IT’.

I  asked myself WHY  was I creating this course?

Who will this course BENEFIT?

Just by asking myself those two questions made me determined NOT to quit.

Knowing your WHY will keep you focused.

It will guide you step by step.

I started to make small progress every day.

This resulted in a BIG result.

I have now completed my Six Steps to Success online course. Feel free to check it out and spread the word.

My encouragement to you today is keeping making small steps every day. As it will end up with BIG results.

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Tarnya Coley- Bestselling author of Open Doors

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