Decisions Determine Destiny

Should I stay or should I go?

Should I take that job, or do I stay where I am?

Do I go after that dream job?

Or not, I may not even get that job.

Decisions, decisions.

Reflecting on my choices has made me ask a lot of questions.

Did I make the right choice?

Would things have planned out differently?

Let me share this quote I saw today.


This is an interesting statement.

I started to ponder on this.

What doors have I OPENED? Has OPENING certain doors decided the way I live?

What doors have I CLOSED? Has that determined the life I live?


Have the doors you have opened and closed decided the way you live?

What is your opinion?

Do you agree with the statement?

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Thank you for stopping by

Tarnya Coley- Author of OPEN DOORS.

Thankful Thursday!

What are you thankful for?

Despite our obstacles, challenges and disappointment.

Let us focus on the positive.

I am thankful for LIFE.

I am thankful that I have a JOB.

I am thankful that I am ALIVE.

I am thankful for FAMILY & FRIENDS.

I am thankful to all the BLOGGERS and PEOPLE that stop by and read my blog.

The list could go on & on.

Focusing on the positive will allow us to move forward.

Yes, the challenges are still there.

However they will seem small compared to what  we have and what we are thankful for.

Let us look ahead to great things that are going to happen.


As you go through your day ask someone, ‘What are you thankful for?’

Asking this thought provoking question will allow people to stop & pause.

It will make them think on the positive.

There is always something to be thankful for.

Thank you for stopping by.

Tarnya Coley- Author of OPEN DOORS.